In 2020 the world went a little crazy. E-commerce businesses became relied upon when you couldn't leave your house to pick up what you needed. 

As the owner of Bainbridge Creations I found that all the markets and events I was scheduled to sell at were being cancelled, I felt- like many- dejected. When my daughters 1st birthday came around and none of my own family from abroad could be there it just compounded my feelings. My daughter was lucky to receive gifts from my family but they always came with the issue of high shipping costs from there origin. When relations used bigger e-commerce giants to send gifts we discovered that the "gift wrapping" and "gift note" often didn't get included or the gift bag would be thrown on top of the box, rather than the items placed in it first- so we often received packages with no idea who to thank.


So I sat down and decided to make a change, one that could help people in Canada in a similar position. Buy Canada Gifts was created! 

We want to offer a one stop shop for gifting activities as well as products- with a focus on limiting plastic gifts. Every purchase on Buy Canada Gifts supports two small Canadian businesses!


 We pride ourselves on using only the best that Canada has to offer- from beautiful handmade products to luxury, fun and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Whether you are shopping for a family, a couple, or an individual- we have something for everyone.