2hr Axe Throwing for 15-20 Edmonton, Alberta

2hr Axe Throwing for 15-20 Edmonton, Alberta

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Axe throwing is not just for lumberjacks anymore…it’s for everyone! Competitive and fun, this activity is perfect for a family of 4- this experience includes access for 15-20 adults (18 and over) for 2 hours.

  • Why axe throwing?

    Few people (apart from lumberjacks and history buffs) get to experience the thrill of throwing weapons. Axe Monkeys operate a facility that lets you enjoy the thrill of throwing axes, spears, and knives

  • What to expect?

    10 indoor throwing lanes, where you can learn to throw from the Axe, practice and have fun.

  • Location

    Axe Monkey: Edmonton, Alberta

  • Facilitator

    Axe Monkey

     All our facilities are 100% barrier free, safe and AXEcellent fun for all age groups from 7 to 97 years old!

  • Add on- Rage Room

    Sometimes we just need to let out some anger. What better way to do this than destroying stuff in the RAGE ROOM®? The concept is very simple. Add on for some smash therapy room