2hr Axe Throwing for 15-20 Edmonton, Alberta

2hr Axe Throwing for 15-20 Edmonton, Alberta

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Axe throwing is not just for lumberjacks anymore…it’s for everyone! Competitive and fun, this activity is perfect for a family of 4- this experience includes access for 15-20 adults (18 and over) for 2 hours.

  • Why axe throwing?

    Few people (apart from lumberjacks and history buffs) get to experience the thrill of throwing weapons. Axe Monkeys operate a facility that lets you enjoy the thrill of throwing axes, spears, and knives

  • What to expect?

    10 indoor throwing lanes, where you can learn to throw from the Axe, practice and have fun.

  • Location

    Axe Monkey: Edmonton, Alberta

  • Facilitator

    Axe Monkey

     All our facilities are 100% barrier free, safe and AXEcellent fun for all age groups from 7 to 97 years old!

  • Add on- Rage Room

    Sometimes we just need to let out some anger. What better way to do this than destroying stuff in the RAGE ROOM®? The concept is very simple. Add on for some smash therapy room, choose your weapon, and just smash things.

    This adds on entitles you to one smash item up to the value of $50 per person and a 20 minute session per person in the Rage Room.

    Please note a brief safety tutorial is required prior to entering the Rage Room.

    Add on for the person of the moment or the couple of the moment, furtherr Rage Room experiences can be added directly through the venue when you book.

    Follow the link below to add a Range Room Session:




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