Eternity Rose in Enchanted Glass Dome

Eternity Rose in Enchanted Glass Dome

SKU: 2020P106-04

Why gift flowers that last 2 weeks when these last 3 years? Give a gift that speaks volume and that lasts!


Luxe crystal rose box includes 1 large eternity real rose that last up to 3 years, on a base of crystal beads in a square acrylic box.

These are truly the perfect for a home décor piece that will match any home!

  • Manufacture

    Made by: Fleurs D'epargne

    Made in: Burnaby, British Columbia

  • Flower Care

    Do not water preserved flowers, preserved flowers hate water and humidity- it may cause colour to fade.

    Avoid direct sunlight and strong light- can cause fading and dryness.

    Avoid wind and air from air-conditioning/ heater- can cause cracking

    Avoid touching preserved flowers, touching clothing, walls, or furniture- causes dryness and wilting

    Preferably kept in a dust free environment- blow of dust using a cool temperature setting on the dryer

    Keep flowers in its original container