Hardcover Black Personal Planner with Nude Skull Accent

Hardcover Black Personal Planner with Nude Skull Accent

SKU: 2020P101-17

These hardcover black leather A6 personal planner with nude skull embossed accents and silver hardware. This fun and unique refillable personal planner is incredibly cool and functional. The front and back cover are also full-sized pockets that can fit a passport, chequebook, stamps, cell phone, etc. and a smaller card pocket for business or other cards. All the seams on this notebook are hand stitched.

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    Each journal are handcrafted in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Only natural leather hides are used therefore, some variations in colour and texture (including marks, scuffs and scratches) can be expected. Often these irregularitie are celebrate and highlights. The natural “live edges” of the hides, as well as branding and range marks in the designs are included to add to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.


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