Hexagon Concrete Succulent Planter Set

Hexagon Concrete Succulent Planter Set

SKU: 2020P103-05

A set of 4 planters for succulents, cacti, echeveria, and small indoor plants. 


This set includes:

  • Cylinder planter
  • Big hexagon planter
  • Dodecahedron planter
  • Smaller hexagon (polygon) planter
  • Dimensions

    These planter were designed to fit smaller to medium sized succulents, cacti, echeveria, and spring of pears. 

    Small pots can fit 2.5" plants and bigger ones can easily fit up to 4" plants.

  • Notes

    Plants in the photos are for decoration and are not part of the sold item.

    This set has drainage holes for all pots.

  • Manufacture

    Made by: Green Begonia

    Made in: Calgary, Alberta

  • Colour Options

    2 versions of white are available:

    - Which; where grey concrete is used with premium quality white pigment to create white pots.

    - Bone white artisan cement, which natural concrete colour is white. This cement is high quality and it is used for fine sculpting.