Succulent Planters set of 3- Enamel Swirled

Succulent Planters set of 3- Enamel Swirled

SKU: 2020P103-04

Unique and limited edition set of 3 dodecahedron swirled concrete succulent planter.


These minimalist succulent pots are perfect for small to medium sized plants. They best fit 2.5" succulents, cacti, echeveria, and tropical plants. Only limited quantity of this pattern will be created by artist. We want this set to be unique and stays unique!


Pattern could be a little bit different from pictures but colors stay the same. This set is unique and it is available in extremely limited quantity.This set is called Kam's set.


  • Materials & Production

    All pots were painted first with water-based acrylic paints and then swirled with enamel paints similar to the patt