Original Tea Box Subscription

Original Tea Box Subscription

The Original Box containing 4 select loose-leaf tea pouches: one black, one green, one rooibos and one herbal tea.


Tea Sparrow taste dozens of teas each month from around the world, with no affiliation to blenders, and chose the blends that inspire them most to share. Each month offers a variety of world-class blends. Teas are sampled and screened to ensure they contain nothing artificial. This means no artificial flavours or preservatives


Give the gift of one, three or six months pre-paid subscription with new flavours each month.

  • Delivery

    All subscription tea boxes ship between the 17th and the 20th of the month. The last day to order the current month’s tea box is the 19th of the month. If you subscribe on the 20th or later, you will receive the following month’s box. 

  • Manufacture

    Made by: Tea Sparrow

    Made in: Vancouver, British Columbia