UV Sterilized Pouch

UV Sterilized Pouch

SKU: 2021P106-03

Bugatti brings to you from its Secure 360 collection the Pure UV Sterilization Pouch. It is designed to disinfect your personal items safely, using its advanced sterilization technology with no radiation or ozone. The Pure UV pouch will disinfect everything from your cellphone, keys, glasses, reusable mask, earphones, jewelry, pens and even more in just 5 minutes, without any residue!


Start the cleaning cycle with a simple click on the button (duration: 5 minutes) 

To use the pouch, plug in the USB cable your computer, laptop or a USB power adapter for an outlet. 

UV LED Lamp (lifespan of 8,000 hours) 

It's the perfect size to accompany you everywhere you go

Made of polyester

  • Returns

    30 days return to supplier, must be in original packaging and unused.

  • Manufacture

    Bugatti Group (E)

    Location: Boisbrind, Qc

    Supplier SCU: TAC2262BU

  • Brand

    Bugatti Group (E)