Whisky Stones- Gabbro- 6 stones

Whisky Stones- Gabbro- 6 stones

SKU: 2020P109-02

This whisky stone set contain 6 stones with walnut display with 2.5 billion years stones from the region of Chibougamau, Qc, Canada.


This stone is one of the oldest Gabbro on earth from the Canadian Shield. This stone is marked with small black and white dots of variable size, with a predominance of black minerals.


* The color of wood and stones may vary

  • Wood Display

    The case is made in Quebec out of leftover wood part from the wood floor industry and have been cover by food grade odorless oil to protect the wood and emphasize its cachet of nobility.

  • Instructions

    • Rinse with water the stones before using them.
    • Set the whisky stones in the freezer dry for 30 minutes to freeze them.
    • Delicately place 2 to 3 stones in the bottom of a high fashion whisky glass. Then pour 2 to 3 oz of your favorite amber spirit.
    • Savor your favorite amber spirit without watering down your whisky on the rock!
  • Safety/ Caution

    • Keep out of the reach of children
    • Do not eat the stones
    • Please consume alcohol responsibly
    • Stones recognize as safe for food from FDA

    * The color of wood and stones may vary

  • Maintenance of Stones

    You only have to rinse them with lukewarm water between each use. From time to time, rinse them with a little dish soap.

    Advised not to leave them in the freezer in order to ventilate them.

    As for the case, just coat it with odorless mineral oil for wood.

  • Manufacture

    Made by: Lithologie - Strates d'histoire

    Made in: Montreal, Quebec